Ontario Smash Circuit

The Ontario Smash Circuit (OSC) unites the numerous weeklies, monthlies and majors for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU in the province and will culminate in the Provincial Championships and the Provincial Arcadian.


Circuit Timeline

The OSC will run for 6 months from January until June with the Provincial Championships and the Provincial Arcadians taking place in the summer. The fall will serve as an “off-season”.

In the event that a partner organization is able to come on board in helping to build upon this foundation, there is a possibility of adding a second season every year running from July until December.


Two types of rankings will be used to determine which players advance to the championships.

  1. Provincial Ranking: This will take results from monthly, regional and major events.

  2. Regional Ranking: Each selected region will have it’s own rankings and will take results from weeklies as well as monthlies and majors which take place in that region.

Provincial Championships

The highest regionally ranked player from each of the ten (10) selected regions at the end of the season will advance to the Provincial Championships. They will be joined by six (6) wildcard players to round out a 16-player bracket. The six (6) highest ranked players on the Provincial Ranking will be selected as the wildcard players. 

In the event that a player finishes the season as the highest ranked player in multiple regions, the player will represent the region in which he/she has attended the most selected tournaments.

Toronto will be the location of the Provincial Ranking in year one of this new format since it is fairly central and accessible for people traveling from any of the surrounding regions.

Provincial Arcadian

Eligible players that did not succeed in qualifying for the Provincial Championships will be invited to take part in the Provincial Arcadian. The tournaments will have dedicated prize pools, streams and staff.

Travel Compensation

Since the Provincial Championships will be taking place in Toronto and we want to ensure that all qualifying players can attend the tournament, each player will receive $50 in travel compensation if traveling from a region outside the GTA.


The Provincial Championships and Provincial Arcadians will be played using the Ontario Smash Rule Set found here: http://bit.ly/1NQ1Xc6

All circuit events are encouraged, but not required, to use the Ontario Smash Rule Set.


In order to be eligible for ranking in both the Provincial Ranking and a Regional Ranking a player must compete in a third (⅓) of all selected weeklies in one particular region OR two thirds (⅔) of selected monthlies/majors in one particular region.

In addition, it is possible to become eligible for the Provincial Ranking alone simply by competing in at least four (4) selected weekend (monthly/regional/major) events throughout the season.

Tournament Selection

In order to maintain parity across the province and therefore give everyone an equal shot at qualifying legitimately without any bias towards one particular region, not all tournaments will be OSC eligible. Prior to the beginning of each month a list of eligible tournaments will be posted publicly. One weekly series and one monthly or major will be eligible per region. Tournaments must take place within the province of Ontario to be considered.

Do you think we should consider an event? Let us know


  1. Windsor-Chatham
  2. London-Sarnia
  3. Kitchener-Waterloo
  4. Hamilton-Niagara
  5. Greater Toronto Area
  6. Durham-Peterborough
  7. Kingston
  8. Barrie
  9. Ottawa
  10. Sudbury


Tournament Weighting

The points awarded for placing at a tournament will be based on a tournament weighting system which takes the size and importance (eg. weekly vs. monthly or major) into account. The larger and more important an event, the more points that will be awarded. All participants will receive a minimum number of points. Players who manage to progress further in bracket are rewarded with increased points.

Major Sponsors

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Supporters and Contributors


Interested in sponsoring the circuit? Would you like to get involved in another way? Please contact Shaun Byrne - Shaun@EGE.gg